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Located off of Whyte Ave, Polar Park Brewing Co. is currently in the process of renovating the iconic Bee Bell Bakery building on 80th Avenue. With plans of opening sometime this Fall, Polar Park has already gained some serious interest by fellow Edmontonians on when they will be able to taste its beer. With the legacy of "The Man Of The North" Al Oeming and his legendary Alberta Game Farm, the brewery breeds history with beverage to provide one remarkable experience.


10416  80TH  Ave.  NW
Edmonton , Alberta

T6E 5T7



our roots


53'30'59.5"N - 113'29'55.2"W

Dr. Al Oeming was the director of the park from 1958 – 1998. A born promoter, Dr. Oeming co founded North Western Wrestling Enterprises, the predecessor to Stampede Wrestling in 1948. Intent on pursuing his dream of proving exotic species of mammals can not only adapt to Alberta’s inclement weather but thrive in it, Dr. Oeming sold his half interest in the company to his partner Stu Hart, and, in 1959, opened the Alberta Game Farm with the proceeds.

Over the subsequent 40 years, the Alberta Game Farm and its successor Polar Park became world famous as a vast reservoir for vanishing species. Exotic animals were raised and fully acclimatized to Northern Alberta’s year round weather conditions.This private collection eventually grew to encompass 3,200 birds and mammals representing over 166 species.

In 1964, Dr. Oeming was awarded the Everly Medal for Excellence in Conservation by the United States Government. In 1972, the University of Alberta awarded him an Honorary Doctorate of Laws. In 1970, the National Geographic Society produced the award winning special, ‘Journey to the High Artic,’ which profiled Dr. Oeming’s life and documented a catching expedition he coordinated of selected species of mammals across the Canadian Artic. At the time, the one-hour special was the sixth highest rated show in National Geographic’s history. In 1978, Leslie Neilson narrated Dr. Oeming’s 13 episode nature series entitled: Al Oeming: Man of the North.