Our Beers


ONE Tame Cheetah

North American Wheat Ale 5% alc/ IBU 15

One Tame Cheetah is a best served cold right from our chilled taps, This cloudy refreshing wheat ale takes its beginnings from a traditional Hefeweizen and our Brew Master puts his own special twist giving this cloudy beer overtones of fresh banana bread but keeps it light and easy-drinking, especially for those hot summer days on our patio.  

Pairs well with soft and delicate foods like our clam and halibut chowder, fried mozzarella and Pretzels of course.



Pale Ale 5% alc/IBU 25

This pale ale pays tribute to the Endurance, a ship that sailed to the Antarctic in 1912 and the sailors who got her there.  This is a story of survival and fortitude.   

A lovely palate of hops offset by subtle sweetness of malt this well balanced pale ale is delicious, aromatic, fragrant and well balanced.  

Pairs well with, well EVERYTHING.  This beer can hold its own with any choice on our menu but pairs especially well with poutine or our might we suggest the Redeemer?


Arctic Foxtrot

India Pale Ale 5.8%alc/IBU 50

One of the very first names we came up with when Polar Park Brew Co was just an idea on paper.  It didn’t have a beer yet but this name has stuck with all us through all of the development, prototypes, failures and successes.  With the brewing of our single-hop IPA we now have a beer worthy of a name that has been around since day one.

This is an easy-drinking IPA great for those who are new to India Pale Ales yet complex enough for those of you with a seasoned IPA palette.  This slightly brassy yet citrusy IPA makes this IPA a treat for the senses.  

Pairs well with salty foods like our Fried Pickles, Charcuterie, Tacos or may we recommend the Sirloin Steak?


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Blind Enthusiasm

Nordlichter,  Light Lager 3.5%alc

Light and easy-drinking, floral with a gentle hop character, and light in colour. This lager is meant to enjoy sitting in the sun like on our second-floor patio!  If your beer palette lends to subtle flavours but you enjoy the craft then this beer is for you.

Pairs well with Poutine, Calamari, Falafel, Nachos and Fried Chicken


Omen Brewing

Spilt Milk, Nitro Milk Stout 4.5%alc

This milk stout will make you love stouts, drinks like a shot of espresso with a bit of cream. The perfect balance of sweet and bitter. When in doubt, drink a stout.

Pairs with Dessert, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Cassoulet or Fish and Chips